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Lord of The Flies: York Notes for GCSE | Sw Foster | Pearson
Publisher: Pearson
Year: U5 - U6
Subject: Literature
Curriculum: National UK
Level: GCSE / National 4 & 5
Language: English
Classoos code: 10303
Digitization: Live text
ISBN: 9781447966289
Hardcopy ISBN: 9781408248782

Lord of The Flies: York Notes for GCSE

Sw Foster

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Everything you need to know and do to get the grade you want! Now in full colour, updated for the new GCSE. York Notes for GCSE is now easier to use and easier to read, so it s easier than ever to get top marks. Written by examiners and teachers to give you an expert understanding of the text, York Notes has the most in-depth coverage and analysis of everything from themes and contexts to characters, plots and language. You ll get the low-down on everything you ll need to demonstrate how well you understand the text and write the best essays. There are sample answers, essay plans and specialist guidance on understanding the questions you ll be asked in an exam, together with an array of handy quotes, checklists, study tips, grade boosters and revision activities to help you learn, revise efficiently and remember everything you ll need to write the very best answers. It s the ultimate guide to revision and exam success. For over 25 years, York Notes has been helping GCSE students just like you achieve the very best grade they can in their exam. So if you re looking for straightforward, easy-to-use advice on how to boost your grades, this is the only guide you're going to need.