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AQA Poetry Anthology - Power and Conflict: York Notes for GCSE 9-1 | Ms Beth Kemp | Pearson
Publisher: Pearson
Subject: Literature
Curriculum: National UK
Level: GCSE / National 4 & 5
Exam boards: AQA
Language: English
Classoos code: 13078
Digitization: Live text
Published: 01/08/2017
Hardcopy ISBN: 9781292230313

AQA Poetry Anthology - Power and Conflict: York Notes for GCSE 9-1

Ms Beth Kemp

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To achieve top grades in English Literature, you need to know your set texts and master all the key skills examiners are looking for. With everything you need right at hand, this NEW York Notes Study Guide on Power and Conflict: AQA Poetry Anthology – now with complete annotated poems! – gives you all the tools you need to study the cluster, practise Unseen poetry and face your exam with confidence. Read and understand all the poems – Find every poem, printed in full with lots of expert annotations, to help you read, understand and write about the cluster. Practise all the key skills – Use the dedicated sections on Form, Structure and Language and Themes and Contexts to perfect your knowledge and master the key techniques. Plus, get help with Comparing poems and the Unseen poem questions. Check your progress – Use the regular ‘Progress and revision check’ features to test your knowledge and understanding, and monitor what you have achieved. Feel ready for the exam – Key features linked to the Assessment Objectives, longer exam-style ‘Practice tasks’ and annotated sample answers at different levels, will help you to be exam-ready and prepared to perform at your best.