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Geography for secondary schools - book one | Juma Azika, Jamal Maringo | Nyambari Nyangwine Publishers
Publisher: Nyambari Nyangwine Publishers
Subject: Geography
Curriculum: National UK
Language: English
Classoos code: 13617
Digitization: Live text
Hardcopy ISBN: 9789987090990

Geography for secondary schools - book one

Juma Azika, Jamal Maringo

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This book is a treasure trove that aims at easing the students’ burden by acting as a potent stimulus to enhance learning and raise academic performance. Geographical aspects have been covered in detail, in order to equip students with standard analytical tools for approaching different challenging problems in Geography. The topics have been presented systematically, following the order of the current Form One Syllabus. It is our hope that students will find it a more useful and relevant resource when pursuing their studies. Also, the book is a very useful resource to teachers, as a fundamental teaching aid in their academic interactions with students. This is because of the fact that, enough reference has been made when preparing it. In short, this book will enable students to thoroughly prepare themselves in various geographical aspects.