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Higher Business Management - Second Edition | Peter Hagan | Hodder
Publisher: Hodder
Subject: Business administration
Curriculum: National UK
Level: AS & A-Level / (Advanced) Higher
Exam boards: SQA
Language: English
Classoos code: 14381
Digitization: Live text
Published: 28/12/2018
ISBN: 9781510460522
Hardcopy ISBN: 9781510457744

Higher Business Management - Second Edition

Second Edition

Peter Hagan

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The comprehensive textbook for the updated Higher Business Management course, written by a highly experienced author, teacher and examiner. - Provides full and authoritative coverage of the updated SQA Higher Business Management syllabus, including all new Technology sections - Supports students with material and advice for completing coursework - Helps students to test their knowledge and measure progress with a wealth of further revision and end-of-section assessment questions - Contains a wide variety of report and research tasks to reinforce key topic areas - Keeps students right up to date with case studies and analysis of leading business concerns, practices and objectives and uses terminology from International Accounting Standards throughout.