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York Notes Companions: Medieval Literature | Carole Maddern | Pearson
Publisher: Pearson
Year: U5 - U6
Subject: Literature
Curriculum: National UK
Language: English
Classoos code: 10316
Digitization: Live text
ISBN: 9781292003825
Hardcopy ISBN: 9781408204757

York Notes Companions: Medieval Literature

Carole Maddern

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This volume spans five centuries of post-Conquest literature, written at a time in which enormous social, political and linguistic changes transformed life in Britain. Medieval genres such as Arthurian romance, lyrics, dream narratives and mystery plays are brought to life and accompanied by discussions of key debates such as “Gender and Power”, “The Emergent Individual” and “Society and Class”. Bringing together historical contexts and critical theory, this is essential reading for any student of medieval literature.