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Visual Arts for the IB Diploma Coursebook | Heather McReynolds | Cambridge‎
Publisher: Cambridge‎
Year: U5 - U6
Subject: Art
Curriculum: IB Continuum
Level: IB Diploma
Language: English
Classoos code: 10395
Digitization: Live text
Published: 16/01/2017
ISBN: 9781107577220
Hardcopy ISBN: 978110757706

Visual Arts for the IB Diploma Coursebook

Heather McReynolds

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Visual Arts for IB Diploma is a student-friendly resource tailored to the IB subject guide for first exam 2016. This resource covers each of the core areas of the Visual Arts course and links them to theoretical, art-making and curatorial practices. It includes activities to give students practical ways to learn and reflect on their work, as well as a wealth of case studies and examples of students' work to aid understanding of visual arts in the real world.

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