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Essential Maths 8H Book | David Rayner | Elmwood
Publisher: Elmwood
Year: L4 - L5
Subject: Mathematics
Curriculum: National UK
Level: Key Stage 3 / National 3
Language: English
Classoos code: 10547
Digitization: Live text
ISBN: 9781902214764

Essential Maths 8H Book

David Rayner

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Essential Maths a series of nine books for use in years 7,8,9. The books provide full coverage of the requirements of the National Curriculum. Essential Maths Book 8H has been written for pupils who are working towards National Curriculum Level 7. Level 6 work is consolidated and then developed further. ESSENTIAL MATHS Provides: A wealth of carefully graded questions to stimulate an interest in mathematics. Differentiated exercises on topics to encourage consolidation and provide challenge for more able pupils. Pupil self-assessment points throughout the book. A focus on mathematical themes from the past. A selection of puzzles, investigations and mental arithmetic problems. Numerical answers in separate books.