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Enquiring History: The Vietnam War in Context | Dale Scarboro | Hodder
Publisher: Hodder
Subject: History
Curriculum: National UK
Level: AS & A-Level / (Advanced) Higher
Language: English
Classoos code: 11845
Digitization: Live text
Published: 26/06/2015
ISBN: 9781471808661
Hardcopy ISBN: 9781471808647

Enquiring History: The Vietnam War in Context

Dale Scarboro

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Think more deeply and work more independently at A level History through a carefully thought-out enquiry approach from SHP. Enquiring History: It makes you think! The OFSTED report on school history suggests that the current generation of A Level students have been poorly served by exam-based textbooks which spoon-feed students while failing to enthuse them or develop deeper understandings of studying History
The Schools History Project has risen to this challenge with a new series for the next generation. Enquiring History is SHP's fresh approach to Advanced Level History that aims: To motivate and engage readers. To help readers think and gain independence as learners. To encourage enquiry, and deeper understanding of periods and the people of the past. To engage with current scholarship. To prepare A Level students for university. Key features of each Student book. Clear compelling narrative - books are designed to be read cover to cover. Structured enquiries - that explore the core content and issues of each period.'Insight' panels between enquiries provide context, overview, and extension.