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A-level Geography Topic Master: Changing Places | Simon Oakes | Hodder
Publisher: Hodder
Subject: Geography
Curriculum: National UK
Level: AS & A-Level / (Advanced) Higher
Exam boards: Edexcel , AQA , OCR , WJEC
Language: English
Classoos code: 12287
Digitization: Live text
Published: 31/08/2018
ISBN: 9781510426221
Hardcopy ISBN: 9781510427532

A-level Geography Topic Master: Changing Places

Simon Oakes

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Exam board: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC/Eduqas. Level: A-level. Subject: Geography. First teaching: September 2016. First exams: Summer 2017 (AS); Summer 2018 (A-level). Master the in-depth knowledge and higher-level skills that A-level Geography students need to succeed; this focused topic book extends learning far beyond your course textbooks. Blending detailed content and case studies with questions, exemplars and guidance, this book: Significantly improves students' knowledge and understanding of A-level content and concepts, providing more coverage of Changing Places than your existing resources. Strengthens students' analytical and interpretative skills through questions that involve a range of geographical data sources, with guidance on how to approach each task. Demonstrates how to evaluate issues, with a dedicated section in every chapter that shows how to think geographically, consider relevant evidence and structure a balanced essay.