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Civics for Secondary Schools - book one | Chacha Mariba Nyambari | Nyambari Nyangwine Publishers
Publisher: Nyambari Nyangwine Publishers
Subject: Civics
Curriculum: National UK
Language: English
Classoos code: 13615
Digitization: Live text
Hardcopy ISBN: 9789987091027

Civics for Secondary Schools - book one

Chacha Mariba Nyambari

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Civics for Secondary Schools: Book One, is based on the current Civics Competence Based Syllabus for form one students. This book has been written for form one students in Tanzania Secondary Schools. It covers all Civics topics described in the syllabus, which are: 1. Our nation - 2. National symbols - 3. Promotion of life skills - 4. Human Rights - 5. Responsible citizenship - 6. Work - 7. Family life - 8. Proper behaviour and responsible decision making - 9. Road safety education. A number of factors have been taken into consideration in writing this book. These include the political, economic and socio-cultural drivers that exist in the contemporary societies in Tanzania. In addition, the pedagogical approach has been used in writing this book to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitude that can be used to enhance their social, political and cultural understanding. It is our hope that students and teachers will find this book a useful resource for a better understanding of Civics.

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