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Oxford IB Study Guides: Chemistry for the IB Diploma | Geoff Neuss | Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Subject: Chemistry
Curriculum: IB Continuum
Language: English
Classoos code: 13813
Digitization: Live text
Published: 02/10/2014
ISBN: 9780198393542
Hardcopy ISBN: 9780198393535

Oxford IB Study Guides: Chemistry for the IB Diploma


Geoff Neuss

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This comprehensive Study Guide reinforces all the key concepts for the 2014 syllabus, ensuring students develop a clear understanding of all the crucial topics at SL and HL. Breaking concepts down into manageable sections and with diagrams and illustrations to cement understanding, exam preparation material is integrated to build student confidence and assessment potential. Directly linked to the new Oxford Chemistry Course Book to extend and sharpen comprehension, this book supports maximum achievement in the course and assessment. ·Fully comprehensive and matched to the new 2014 syllabus ·Concise and focused approach simplifies complex ideas, building truly confident understanding ·Clear and explanatory style uses plenty of visuals to make each concept accessible, easing comprehension ·Build a strong foundation of assessment skills, strengthening potential with integrated exam questions ·Develop assessment confidence, drawing on thorough assessment support and advice ·Clear and straightforward lan