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OCR GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE STUDENT BOOK 2 | Jill Carter, Annabel Charles, Garrett O'Doherty | Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: U4 - U5
Subject: English
Curriculum: National UK
Level: GCSE / National 4 & 5
Exam boards: OCR
Language: English
Classoos code: 16095
Digitization: Live text
Published: 09/07/2015
ISBN: 9781382014922
Hardcopy ISBN: 9780198332794


Jill Carter, Annabel Charles, Garrett O'Doherty

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Student Book 2 provides extensive guidance and activities, in the context of the Component 01 and Component 02 exam questions, on how to improve reading and writing skills. With sample student responses at different levels, students can improve their own responses and gain an enhanced understanding of the skills required to succeed in the exams. Featuring the types of texts and tasks that students will face in the exam papers, a range of activities with exam tips and key terms, all students can demonstrate their skill-development in the context of exam-style questions. Spelling, punctuation and grammar activities and guidance are provided in context to help improve students' technical accuracy. In addition to the regular peer and self-assessment activities, teachers can monitor progress through the substantive end-of-chapter assessments and the sample exam papers.

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