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Bond 11+: CEM 3D Non-Verbal Reasoning 10 Minute Tests | Lynn Adams | Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Subject: Mathematics
Curriculum: National UK
Language: English
Classoos code: 16540
Digitization: Live text
Published: 02/08/2018
ISBN: 9780192767714
Hardcopy ISBN: 9780192767707

Bond 11+: CEM 3D Non-Verbal Reasoning 10 Minute Tests

Lynn Adams

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Bond is the number one provider of 11+ practice, helping millions of children pass selective entrance exams. Bond 11+ CEM 3D Non-Verbal Reasoning 10 Minute Tests for 10-11 year olds provides quick-fire multiple-choice tests focused on the 3D/Spatial Non-Verbal Reasoning question types used in CEM 11+ testing. It develops problem-solving, logic and reasoning skills, including converting between nets and cubes, shape rotation, cube views, composite shapes, complete the shape and 2D views of 3D shapes. Tutor tips and notes provide useful information throughout to support your child as they work through the book, emphasising how to tackle particularly tricky questions. There are also useful question type examples at the front of the book, fun puzzle sections to reinforce skills, and a progress chart to encourage and track improvement, helping to build skills and confidence for exam success.