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The House of Light | Julia Green | Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Subject: Literature
Curriculum: National UK
Level: Key Stage 2 / National 2
Language: English
Classoos code: 16542
Digitization: Live text
Published: 06/06/2019
ISBN: 9780192771575
Hardcopy ISBN: 9780192771568

The House of Light

Julia Green

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Bonnie is scavenging on a beach when she finds a battered old row boat. And under the boat, a bare-footed boy-cold, hungry, and in need of help. The authorities have already been troubling Bonnie and Granda for breaking rules, but how can she leave this boy when he has no-one? Bonnie does her best to keep the boy hidden from the border guards, but as their suspicions grow, she wonders if it's time to escape the life she's always known. Under cover of darkness they set sail to the 'house of light' in search of a new beginning, and a sense of hope.