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Bond 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning Handbook | Alison Primrose | Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Subject: English
Curriculum: National UK
Language: English
Classoos code: 16569
Digitization: Live text
Published: 19/11/2020
ISBN: 9780192776198
Hardcopy ISBN: 9780192776181

Bond 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning Handbook

Alison Primrose

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This is a new format two-colour edition of the Bond ultimate 'how-to' guide to passing the Non Verbal Reasoning 11+ exam. It deals with each type of question in full, provides clear step-by-step explanations, and covers all the different question types. It even gives hints and tips too. Written in a clear and comprehensive way, the book can be accessed by students and adults alike and, with access to a free area on the Bond Online website, students can then put into practicse what they have learned online. The tests will be auto-marked and provide plenty of practice. This Non Verbal Reasoning Handbook covers all key topics including Identifying shapes, Missing shapes, Rotating shapes, Spatial awareness and Coded shapes and Logic. Use alongside the Bond 11+ Assessment Papers for a full package of 11+ support.

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