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IGCSE ICT (Revised Edition) | Victoria Wright, Denise Taylor | Cambridge‎
Publisher: Cambridge‎
Subject: Computer science
Curriculum: iGCSE
Exam boards: Cambridge Intl.
Language: English
Classoos code: 17041
Digitization: Live text
ISBN: 9781108701280
Hardcopy ISBN: 9781108698061

IGCSE ICT (Revised Edition)

Revised Edition

Victoria Wright, Denise Taylor

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This comprehensive resource is written to cover the Cambridge IGCSE ICT syllabus (0417). Cambridge IGCSE (R) ICT Second edition provides a complete course for developing and practising the skills required for students of Cambridge IGCSE ICT. The coursebook contains detailed explanations of concepts, worked examples and exercises to consolidate knowledge. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the source files required to complete the practical tasks set in the chapters. This Revised edition incorporates changes made to the syllabus for examination from 2020. Answers to the coursebook questions are in the teacher's resource.